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2017 雪巴育幼院六月月報


孩子們就讀的Angel Public School本月如期開課。在2017新學年期初,對於連升兩級的孩子來說有些困難,但因為他們努力用功,所以現在能夠像同班的正規生一樣升學。




「教育罷工」當天,名叫Sangmu Sherpa的孩子從育幼院的樓梯跌了下來。因為一整天下雨樓梯很濕,她滑倒了,背上傷口約1英寸。我馬上帶她去附近的醫院治療。目前她很好,在服藥,醫生請我帶她去敷傷口。







June 2017

The school of children was opened regularly in this month. At the beginning of this new educational year 2017, it was a bit difficulty for some students who jumped double grade. Because of their hard working in studies now they are flowing like others regular students of their class.


On the date of June 11 2017, there were two Hungarians friends of my Buddhist friend of DKL foundation visit SCH and sponsored three cycles to our children as a gift for playing plus learning skill. Now children are leaning cycling during the weekends. They like cycling very much so I recommended the two guests for buying them. The sponsors of cycles also taught them how to make homemade chocolate and now they can make it by themselves.


Beside this there was a strike of Maoist on 27th against the expensive fee charging by private schools. At that day children of SCH went to school as regular but they came back saying today is holiday. Then I sent back one of them to ask teacher to clear about the holiday. Then the few children went to school again and came back to me with response. They were proudly staying today is the holiday of "educational strike".


On the holiday "Educational Strike" one of the children namely Sangmu Sherpa fell down on stairs of SCH. It was raining for whole day and the stairs were wet and she slide down and cut around 1 inch on her back. Then I immediately took her to the nearby hospital did the treatment. Now she is fine and taking medicine. The Dr. asked me to bring her for dressing her wound.


The family members of children are staying in the village of Sindhupalchok District, Nepal. There is no good phone connection to talk to them. The children sometime talk to them only if their families call them from the village. There is no phone access in their village but they can call to children if they climb on the high hill from the village.


Regarding to their living condition, as I got information from this area that they are living as a normal live working in the farm. They are still waiting for money from Govt to build their home. Nepal Govt only provided 50000Rs to each family until now. After the April 2015 Quake, Nepal Govt announced that the entire victim would get 2000USD for building the home.

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