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2017 雪巴育幼院四月月報



四月十一日,我帶孩子們到Chiso Pani進行教育遊覽,距離加德滿都約四小時步行路程。這是一個靜謐的自然之地。眺望地平線,孩子們能看見自己的家鄉地區。徒步旅行四小時後,團體在茶館度過一晚。進行叢林之旅,在天然河流中洗澡等等,離開了塵土飛揚的加德滿都,令人精神一振又紓壓。











April 2017

Since the new academic session begins around the 15th April every year. The first two week of this month was holiday for the children. During the two weeks long gap, children had no more activities besides watching cartoons in SCH. This is why I requested ICEF for taking them to an educational excursion.


On April 11, 2017 I took them for educational excursion to Chiso Pani. Its 4hrs walking distance from Kathmandu. It’s a quiet natural place and from there the children could see their home town area in the horizon. All the team spent one over night in the tea house after 4hrs hiking, jungle safari, taking bath in the natural river and so on. It's really great refreshment and relief after going out from dusty KTM.


The destination is the rout of famous Langtang Trekking of Nepal. This is why we met lots of foreign trekkers on the way. I explained them about why they are here and a bit about Nepal Tourism and Sherpa people. The trip was really a memorable for the children. I introduced different plants, tree, flowers and many species of birds. They were very happy by hiking in such a natural palace. They are familiar with many plants and birds.


We came back Kathmandu the next day on April 12, 2017. After walking back for 4hrs children went to school to collect the results of final exam. The exam result decides if they can go upper class or repeat the same grade for one more year. This is why they were serious and nervous to go to school.

I was pretty sure that they could pass the exam. Fortunately all the children got pass with great marks. Now five of them even could jump the double class by the advice of school principal.

The school opened on the date of April 16th 2017 and now they all got new books of new class. After jumping the classes now they are very happy to study with same age group. Now there are 18 children living together in SCH from this month (April 2017).


A volunteer from France left on 16th of April after teaching children in SCH for 6 months.

She was very happy by the love of our children. She promised that she would come back again in the future. She offered French food to all of us. As a volunteer she not only taught the children but at the same time she learnt a lot from the children. There are many people who come to Nepal for volunteering. Most of they are college and University students from west. They come here for teaching English in orphanage, supporting in local NGO, helping in monastery, building toilets in public etc. They come mostly in single. So, SCH is waiting for some volunteer from Taiwan as well.

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